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Url Shortener

Take control of your links like an expert. Explore exclusive redirect analytics and collaborate with ISOLS Group to increase brand engagement with distinctive links designed especially for your brand. Introducing you to our remarkable “URL Shortener” built with the new standard for link shortening. A new standard for link analytics has emerged. Don't allow the links to constrain your identity, take advantage of this chance to stay current with our link analytics along with the link management tools and optimize your links with us.

Url Shortener

Get your custom URL, with the URL shortener which has a variety of options for a perfectly improved link that depicts your brand identity shortly and sweetly. Our shortened URLs will never expire, and it will never show advertisements and provide a clear redirection to the original URL. Get your shortened link for free and start reaping the rewards.

Link Analytics Tool

To fully optimize every shortened link, monitor it instantaneously and evaluate its efficiency to grant improved suggestions for your growth. Interactions, social networking sites conversions, website referrals, systems, computers, and location are all included in extensive statistics.

Link Management Tool

Refine and personalize each short URL to make the most of it with its capabilities. We assist you with the flexibility to select a unique name that represents your brand identity, and use it in affiliate programs, creating posters with QR codes, and even more.

Shorten your link names

You can give your links a unique name. Links with a personalized name are much easier and simpler to navigate and browse than regular links. Online surfers have a higher level of confidence in URL names that specify the link's message or identity. This technique is much more effective in boosts click-through counts substantially.


UTM parameters are being used in links to assess the efficacy of branding and promotions that originate from a wide range of sources and channels and are directed to a specific website through a link. You could properly validate the traffic originating from a certain marketing campaign using this method.

Links with strong passwords

With another outstanding service only after inputting the passcode can the short link be accessed. This will be useful if you only want the link to be accessed by a certain person or group that has the password.

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Mobile link redirects

The links also can redirect to stored URLs on mobile devices. Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and more platforms.

Link edits

Evaluate distinct redirection to learn more about legitimate clicks. You have complete control over the originality point. Switching the source URL is a major boon. You may now simply modify the source link without having to produce a new short link if the base link alters.

Page titles

You may now simply alter the page titles in your shortened link list if your page title is occasionally too long or the page does not contain a meta description to specify its title.


You may set the expiration settings based on a date, for instance: you can specify the expiry settings based on the volume of clicks.

Pixel setups

With this link management platform, you may add pixels too short links from a choice of well-known websites. And also compile pixels in a list for easy navigation and management.

A/B/C testing

Links will also be redirected according to your preferences. You can have equal redirects or enter measured values for the A / B / C testing, based on your membership package, and also you may evaluate the efficacy and conversion of up to three distinct target links.

QR code generation

For each shortened URL, we produce a QR code instantly. QR codes make it simple to get clicks on our links from digital files, brochures, posters, and other establishments.

Link analytics

We provide you the option to examine the overall clicks and conversions, as well as the reach and engagement split down by social networks, referrals, systems, computers, websites, particular device types, languages for each shortened link. You may also learn which bots visit your links. This will teach you how to increase the click-through rate.


Swiftly share your social media links. It can be done in seconds from the dashboard.


You may also get rid of any shortened links that aren't necessary.

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Url Shortener Link Analytics

You can discover your visitors' and clients' expectations and interests. This enables you to enhance and raise the website traffic of your links to get the greatest potential click-through and traffic percentages for your website or store, which will result in more sales. You also have one of the greatest sophisticated link management solutions at your fingertips, owing to the option to individually set originality in the link click-through evaluation.

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Url Shortener Link Management

Using the capabilities provided in the portal after signing in, makes monitoring links significantly smoother. We make sure to enable link management much easier than ever before, and comprehensive metrics help you learn what's going on with your links so you can figure out how to boost your website traffic.

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One link to all your links Create your Public Profile

Create your profile with our simple profile builder and add your all of your links. Share a single link on social networks like instagram, twitter and TikTok and monitor clicks on your links.

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Custom Domains

ISOLS Group’s URL shortener allows you to analyze, optimize and even customize your links. You can use numerous customized domains and substitute with your name to shorten and analyze link click rates by your own business.

Formation of a Group

Make your groups and ask your friends to take part. Manage your activities more effectively and economically. Promote your business with your crews to compress, monitor, and analyze links. Every group can create and maintain their connections, contact their users, create and utilize their names, and choose their API.


You can also publish and update links in your domains using the API. Based on your membership, you can utilize a variety of APIs on our platform. Each group you establish has its unique access token, allowing you to handle link monitoring as you prefer. Start by utilizing the API to upload, amend, and export clicks and visitors statistics.


Long and awkward URLs are hard to use at times, the usual online name is too long to enter manually, and URLs appear horrible when written in their entirety. In short, this is why URL shorteners are necessary.

If you're wondering about how well your content is performing and how viewers are reacting to it, a custom link analyzer can even monitor the promoting performance and actions of your social media post over time. Furthermore, you must monitor to determine whether the link shortener is having a detrimental impact on your SEO.

Using URL shorteners gives you more room to convey your content while also allowing you to include crucial components such as hashtags. Shorter links make sharing much smoother, thereby encouraging more sharing all over social media and other websites.

You should think about managing the length of your website's URLs as a marketing strategy. Search engines treat shortened URLs the same as regular 301 redirects and will respond accordingly. Shorter URLs not only rank higher in search results, but they are also much easier for people to input, resulting in improved usability.

A nofollow tag is a standard HTML tag. When added to a hyperlink, it enables admins to specify whether or not search engines should follow the link. One of the most critical features of all of this is that most social media platforms include a ‘NoFollow' tag.

Although search engines disregard the ‘NoFollow' tag and do not send any content via the URLs on the page, Google short link generators struggle with the process and shorter web addresses are followed back by search engines, allowing at minimum some information to transfer.URL shorteners can help you overcome all of these dilemmas.

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